Oribe Dining Table

Oribe Dining Table

The Oribe Dining Table is a feast for the senses. The tri-material installations that make up its design, create a dynamic and ever-changing visual experience. The table stands on a plate of heavy metal that balances three legs made of plywood, solid wood and metal that crescendos at the island of marble. The different materials play off of each other to create a table that is both unique and functional.

Designed By : Castello Lagravinese



In solid wood and plywood. Top of the table will be in plywood and final finish in marble which is partially recessed. Base legs will be in  plywood and solid wood with final layer of veneers and 1 leg in metal. Legs are placed on a metal plate.

**All the furniture pieces would be completely bespoke with choice of Upholstery, veneer, metal finishes and marble**


Technical details

W:3000 D:1200 H:790

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