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Castello Lagravinese

Castello Lagravinese

In 2008, Alessandro and Maria Antonietta founded 'ONLYMITED,' a brand focused on limited edition fashion-inspired design pieces.
After this experience they found CASTELLO LAGRAVINESE STUDIO,  where they collaborate as designers and art directors with important companies in the world of contemporary and luxury furniture, such as Giorgio Collection, Berto, Ulivi, Zanaboni, Ceppi, Casamilano, Cantori, Opera Contemporary, creating products and collections, clearly tailoring inspired and with a meticulous attention to detail.
They explore various design aspects, from product to interior design, and aim to build a brand ecosystem that includes everything from images to atmosphere.
Their versatile approach has them working as art directors for diverse projects, overseeing everything from concept and branding to intricate details like finishes, exhibition stand designs, and lighting.

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