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Racconti, the first brand in India to forge collaborations with Italian designers for an exclusive collection, takes immense pride in upholding unparalleled quality standards. Our commitment to exclusivity resonates in each product we craft and select for display, whether on our soon-to-launch website or across our social media platforms. This discerning process, meticulously implemented, ensures our offerings remain unique and fresh. We understand that within India's vast marketplace, the potential for duplication by an unregulated sector looms large. To counteract this, we fiercely protect our designs to maintain their unique appeal, underpinned by the passion and diligence we invest in every project.

Our end goal? To transform our clients' homes with exquisite pieces that reflect our ilabor of love as if we were adorning our own homes. Racconti, since its inception, has established unrivaled quality standards in an impressively short span of time. Our confidence in our skills and abilities is absolute, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence. As a firm, we invest ourselves wholeheartedly in every project we undertake. We infuse our passion and dedication into each endeavor, ensuring that our bespoke pieces not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations. This profound commitment to quality and attention to detail has shaped Racconti's ethos, making us more than a brand - we are a hallmark of distinctive craftsmanship and superior design.

Incorporated under the auspices of the S.R Jindal Group – a testament to the vision of the late Mr. Shiv Ram Jindal since 1960 – Racconti is more than a business.It is the passion project of Mr. Neeraj Jindal and Mrs. Pragya Jindal, who dared to redefine the narrative surrounding luxury furniture brands. Instead of allowing European dominion to go unchallenged, the Jindals envisage Racconti as the premier 'Made in India' luxury furniture contender, capable of competing with industry titans such as Minotti, Georgetti, Rimadesio, and Bentley.

At Racconti, we firmly believe in the adage, 'Design is where science and art meet'. We specialize in creating high-end luxury furniture, painstakingly customized to accentuate our clients' homes. Our meticulous research and profound skill set enable us to define luxury through furniture. Design, to us, is more than an aesthetic facet; it is a transformative ingredient that elevates an object's experiential value.

While Racconti is a relatively new chapter in the grand tale of furniture design, we harbor a robust vision of illuminating the international arena. We strive to evolve and reinterpret the art of furniture making with our distinctive collections. Comprehensive experimentation, up-to-date technology, world-class designers, and a reliable supply chain form the backbone of our quest for excellence.

With our clients held in the highest regard, we design, manufacture, and deliver bespoke products imbued with emotion and sensitivity. We believe it's not only the labor invested but the sentiment threading through each step of the process that ultimately shapes your homes. Racconti is more than a furniture brand; it is a testament to the sublime interplay of quality and craftsmanship. Our mission is to create pieces with such precision and allure that they become status symbols and the focal points of any space they adorn.

Hailing from the Jindal family, which has diverse financial interests in multiple sectors ranging from steel to fashion accessories, Mr. Shivam Jindal is a graduate of University College London, specializing in Business Management and Finance.

His vision is to lead the new family business, "Racconti," towards a sustainable and equitable future, serving as the harbinger of change. With experience in supply chain systems, project management, operations, and general management, Mr. Jindal will assume the role of Director for Sales and Operations at Racconti. Driven by the ambition to surpass the ordinary, he is taking multiple steps to improve operational efficiencies and steer Racconti towards becoming a dynamic, reliable, and solution-oriented organization. Mr. Jindal embodies open and participative management,fostering steady dialogue, feedback, and an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement.

Idea of establishing Racconti as the first 'Made in India' luxury interiors brand, combining a community-centric transformational approach within and around Racconti's production facility. This approach has facilitated the smooth flow of resources, information,the development of value systems, and stakeholder maximization. Under the leadership of Mr. Shivam Jindal and with the invaluable guidance of Mr. Neeraj Jindal, Racconti has achieved world-class standards of quality and production within a remarkably short period. It is fully equipped to meet the highest quality standards and compete with industry giants.

Our Mission

At Racconti, we are committed to redefining the boundaries of luxury interior design. As India's first luxury interior brand, we combine Italian flair with Indian ingenuity to craft exceptional furniture that elevates spaces. Our handpicked team of Italian designers, each an expert in their field, collaborate closely to bring you an exclusive collection that stands apart in quality and aesthetic appeal. Customer satisfaction isn't just a goal—it's our prime focus. We are devoted to delivering unparalleled quality, infusing each piece with the skills and craftsmanship that challenge the norms of luxury.

Our Vision

Our vision is to place Racconti on the global map as a formidable competitor to top Italian brands. We strive to shift the narrative, proving that world-class furniture design and craftsmanship are not confined to any single region. With our relentless focus on quality and customer satisfaction, we aim to be the brand of choice for discerning clientele worldwide, setting a new standard for luxury interiors.

Why we do not disclose our collections

At Racconti, we understand the allure of exclusivity. Our curated collection of luxury furniture is more than just a product line—it's a testament to extraordinary craftsmanship and impeccable quality. While we display a selected few pieces on our website to give you a glimpse of the caliber of our work, our complete collection remains deliberately undisclosed. This is to maintain the exclusivity and allure that our discerning clientele cherish. To access our full range of contemporary and art decor offerings, please reach out to our support team. They will provide you with a unique login ID and password, inviting you into the world of Racconti's unmatched elegance and sophistication.

Why we do not disclose our collections

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