Madonna Sofa

Madonna Sofa

Inspired by Mid-Century English interiors, the Madonna Sofa serves the zestful moods of a day. The asymmetric pattern echoes contemporary tastes of modern luxury, while the fine embroidery on one side and the back cushions exude regality. As the eye catches the golden detailing embossed by our signature quilting, the other arm bears a comfortable bolster which is supported by a fabric belt.

Designed By : Castello Lagravinese



In plywood and solid wood. The sofa is made of variable-density of polyurethane foam (specially imported from Italy). The upholstered part has embroidery on one side and back cushions with piping detail. Base of the sofa is in plywood with final layer of Italian fabric. Legs of the sofa are made in SS-304 metal with 8K polished and finally processed to PVD metal and arm has beautifully crafted Racconti logo with a sheet of metal on one side and other side has a comfortable bolster which is supported by a fabric belt. Kindly note that the particular sofa has a curved variation as well.

**All the furniture pieces would be completely bespoke with choice of Upholstery, veneer, metal finishes and marble**

Technical details

W:3000 D:960 H:870

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