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Nikhil Chopra

Nikhil Chopra

Having emerged from a lineage steeped in architectural expertise, Nikhil Chopra possesses an innate grasp of the nuances and aptitude essential for excelling as an ace designer at Racconti. From an early age, Nikhil demonstrated a sharp discernment for intricate elements, whether in the realm of sewing, furniture intricacies, or crafting furniture from raw materials.
Following his academic pursuits, he pursued his fervour diligently, culminating in the acquisition of a formal education in interior and furniture design in 2010. This formal foundation seamlessly merged with the rich tapestry of informal knowledge acquired from his familial background.
With over a decade entrenched in the industry, Nikhil has garnered extensive exposure, honed a diverse skill set, and amassed a profound understanding of the field. Collaborations with industry luminaries have broadened his vision and expertise. Nikhil stands as a pivotal asset to Racconti, leveraging his zealous spirit for exploration and meticulous attention to detail to bring ambitious visions into tangible fruition.

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